Quality drop-in compatible wired laser eyes for Angel paintball markers

As seen at PBNation

AngelLaserEyes.com wired eyes are a direct replacement and upgrade for ALL WDP/APS factory ribbon eyes.

Compatible with the following models:

    A4 Fly, 05 Speed, G7, G7 Fly, 06 Speed
    Most Master Tech EyeQ "Fly" Conversions for older Angels
    A1, A1 Fly, AR:K


"Drop-in compatible" means exactly that - absolutely no modifications to the marker or electronics are necessary. These replacement eyes plug directly into the ribbon eye socket on any eye-enabled Angel board, including aftermarket boards. The ultra-thin wires fit underneath the vernier trigger adjustment wheels, rubber eye straps, and eye covers. Angel A1/A1 Fly emitter and receiver can be mixed and matched with the stock eye ribbons. More durable and flexible than the fragile factory ribbon eyes. Available in red, blue, green, yellow, pink and white.

AngelLaserEyes.com wired eyes and eye adapters are manufactured by an Angel tech, former AngelOwners.com moderator, and all-around Angel enthusiast with over 10 years of Angel experience. You may securely order and check out with any major credit or debit card via PayPal. All orders ship within 1 business day via USPS. For questions, service, and support email angellasereyes@gmail.com. Dealer inquiries and custom project requests welcome.