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Technical Questions

Your eyes are not broken, this is the expected behavior.

In a break-beam eye system, one side emits light while the other side collects the emitted light, creating an electronic signal. When light from the emitter shines onto the receiver, generating the electronic signal, the circuit board determines that the breech of the marker is empty. When a ball falls into place, it blocks the light from the emitter from reaching the receiver, interrupting the signal, and the circuit board determines that a ball is present in the breech of the marker. The side emitting visible light is the emitter side. The side not emitting any visible light is the receiver side.        
The short answer: No, every emitter color will work equally well with any circuit board and all paint types.

The long answer: Technically speaking, the receiver component for both Classic and A1 series laser eyes is most sensitive to light in the red, near-infrared and lower infrared wavelengths. However, the sensitivity range of the receiver component is very broad, and all of the available emitter colors fall well within it. There is no difference in real-world functionality between any of the emitter colors.        
The most common cause of the eyes illuminating but not detecting paint properly is misalignment of the emitter and receiver.

To rule out an alignment issue, first remove the eyes from the marker if they are currently installed. With the eyes outside of the marker, plug the eyes into the circuit board and turn the board on. In a dimly lit environment, hold the eye components directly up to each other so that the emitter is shining straight into the receiver. The circuit board should indicate "Breech empty/No ball present". Now separate the eye components from each other, or block the emitter with your hand. The circuit board indicator should change to indicate "Breech full/ball present".

If the eyes function properly outside of the marker, then the problem is most likely to be a misalignment. To correct the problem, simply reinstall the eyes using the following method: Working one side at a time, use a wooden or plastic toothpick (or similar non-conductive instrument) to push the eye component into the body of the marker until it is fully seated, and hold it in place while you press the rubber eye strap down over top of the component. Screw down the eye cover plate, then flip the marker over and repeat the process on the opposite side. When looking down through the feedneck with the eyes turned on, the light from the emitter should form a "cone" centered upon the hole for the receiver. If the "cone" appears off-center relative to the hole for the receiver, try the installation again.

If you continue to experience problems, send an email to for help with further diagnostics and, if necessary, replacement.        
               wired eyes are a direct replacement for the OEM Angel plastic circuit "ribbon" eyes, and will work with all eye-enabled factory Angel circuit boards, regardless of software version.

The following Angel models ship with eye-enabled factory circuit boards:

A4 Fly
(NOTE: The non-"Fly" base model A4 is NOT eye-enabled)
05 Speed
G7 Fly
06 Speed
A1 Fly
A1 Fly SB

If you are not sure which model Angel you have or what circuit board with which it is equipped, send an email to for help with identification.        
If your aftermarket circuit board supports the OEM Angel plastic circuit "ribbon" eyes, it will support wired eyes.

Some examples of aftermarket circuit boards that support wired eyes include:

Purple People Eater
Predator (V3/V4)
Virtue (A4 Fly/G7, A1 LED, and A1 OLED)
Angel Force FBS
Angel Force SSB
Angry Tadao
Un1 Tec
A1 Mojo Board

If your Angel has been retrofitted with an aftermarket board that does not support the factory Angel ribbon eyes, or if your aftermarket board supports both the factory Angel ribbon eyes as well as 3-pin Dye Matrix-style eyes and you would prefer to use the 3-pin connector, send an email to to inquire about a custom solution.        

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